British company Airbench for already more, that 20 year, produces downdraught benches, which are actually working tables with preforated surface and air filtration unit inside. They suck the dust, fume, smoke and all that stuff down and get back to the workshop clear air.

What problems are solved?

  • People's health. Dust and fume create respiratory problems, operators cab get some  serious deseases like asthma and lungs cancer.
  • Some materials are explosive. Airench deals with this.
  • The products you produce are of higher quality.
  • Cleaning from dust makes painting easier, if you have this operation.
  • Healthy operators are less subject to sick days, thus, producre more value.
  • Increased company brand value, less staff turnover, less spendings on operators training and hire.

Why Airbench?

Here is the deal:
  • Airbench is more effective compared to the local suction. No need to move hood around, following the suction spot.
  • You can deal with big parts in VertEx modules, which are actually dust-free space in your production hall.
  • Vast experience, best references in different industries.
  • Deep customisation by choosing different sets of filters - solution for your unique case.

Video show the idea much better, than words:

                Airbench is switched off                                           Airbench is switched on

Contact us for help in choosing the right product, and we are sure that the results will not disappoint you!