Cutting fluids Henkel Bonderite L-MR - not just another cutting fluid. Why?

Perfectly clean.

Everything becomes clear now: parts, machines, everything around. No more machine downtime due to oily parts, no more returns from dissatisfied customers.
Dermatologically safe. Like no one else. 

All Henkel Bonderite products have passed so-called BUS test with the highest results and are totally safe for skin. 

No more fungal infection. Air ventilation tubes are fine, nothing else needed.  

No need for bactericides. 

Unique Henkel Bonderite formulation suppresses bacteria growth at the concentration of 5% and higher. No more need to buy expensive additives, no more smell and corrosion. 

Longer tool life - you spend less for cutting tools. 

What else?

  • Less scrap, better surface quality. You don't just save, you do better products.
  • Low foaming.
  • Wide water hardness range - from 5GD up to 100GD.
  • With no additives provide you with sufficient between-operations corrosion protection.
  • Good demulsifycation capabilities against tramp oils. You can now easily remove them using skimmers or, better, MKR tramp oil separators. 
  • Longer bath life.
  • Less drag our rate. Lower initial and topping-up concentration. 
  • Your decreased spendings with better quality. 

We know, that
90% of those, who tried Henkel Bonderite, stay with it. Now it is your turn. Give it a try, this is free of charge - you choose the machine, we fill it and let you work for about a month. No obligations to buy anything. 

Call us now! 

What else is important? It is crucial for your and our success to treat cutting fluid appropriately. Here comes our monitoring service. We help you keep your emulsion in the best possible condition but at the same time minimizing your spendings on it. 

Want to effectively make up top-up emulsion? Here comes the most reliable solution: Hydroblend.

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