Oil and emulsion mist filters Dormatec AOF

while being absolutely effective they offer at the same time least cost of ownership.

What we solve using AOF:

  • respiratory problems that occur with machinists,
  • lowered machine regimes due to inability to raise them because of the mist and smoke,
  • fire risks when working with oil,
  • employer low brand value in the machinists' eyes,
  • more and more strict environmental regulations,
  • machine precious time loss - now no one waits for the mist to disappear.

How it works?

The patented conical filter pre-purifies the air ...

... A 7-layer HEPA filter provides the highest level of air filtration.

Your benefits when using Dormatec AOF:


What is gives to you

Low energy consumption

Low decreased spendings on electricity

Washable conical filter

No replacement costs for the pre-filter

Effectiveness 99,97%

It just works, and works fine

Filter condition gauge

You always know if you need to do something

Compact design

Installation almost everywhere

Carbon filter option

Removes even smell

Everything in the price, incl. installation kit

No fraud and extra cost

No expendables (excl.НЕРА filter)

Low cost ownership

In addition, you can connect AOF using machine's m-codes so you can save on electricity and filter life, switching filtration on by, say, 30s before the machine cycle ends. It is that simple!

Order a demonstration device right now! It is absolutely free!

Examples of installations:

Whatch the video how effectively AOF deals with oil mist and smoke:

Lovely, isn't it? But what matters most - effective.

AOF technical data:

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