What is Easycut UV330 and why do we need it?

Chips and sludge make emulsion thicker, sometimes blocking very narrow through-spindle channels. In additions, they effectively decrease the actual amount of emulsion in the machine tank, what often leads to cooling problems, decreased thermostability both of the machine and parts. Sludge that is being collected in the tank takes off the volume and over time it comes to the situation, when no space for emulsion is left at all. Using Easycut UV330 you clean emulsion and machine tank from sludge, chips, dust etc. Usually we recommend to do it at least twice a year.

The result - cleaned from mechanical contamination emulsion.

Unit features:

  • cleans machine and its tank from sludge, chips and dust
  • less machine downtime
  • less bacteria growth
  • cleaner workspace

Video perfectly shows the idea:

Technical data and proposal

220 V3 кW330 l.330L/min.125 l/min.
1,45-1,35-0,8 m
185 кg
UV330 Light
220 V2 кW330 l.165L/min.110 l/min.
1,45-1,45-0,7 m
170 кg

Model features

Easycut UV330 is the most powerful unit that is capable of doing suction and releasing at the same time. Easycut UV330 Light - is more affordable model with consequent suction and releasing.

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